Welcome to ENGADIN ADVENTURE.CH the premier rafting and biking adventure company in the Engadin Valley, Switzerland.


We offer professionally guided RAFTING tours on the Inn River, one of the best white-water adventures to found anywhere in Europe.

Through our BIKESHOPSCUOL we offer a full range of mountain biking based activities. This includes mountain and electric bike rentals, guided mountainbike tours, technical riding clinics, a full bike workshop, bike acessories, spare parts and sales.

The Bikeshop is open Monday thru Friday from the 5th of May, and 7 days from June thru till the 25th of October.

Our MOUNTAIN SCOOTERS are one of the most popular family tours to be found anywhere in the region, from the top of the Motta Naluns ski lift you can ride a 10 kilometer long trail to the village of Scuol past some of the most breathtaking vistas to found anywher in the Alps.

The 2015 scooter and biking season starts on the 30th of May and runs uniterrupted to the 25th of October



As part of the MOTTA NALUNS SKI LIFT COMPANY we are able to not only offer personalised service for small groups and individuals, but are also well placed to help organise large events for companies and clubs and other visitors to the valley who are seeking unique and adventureous activities.


The Engadin Adventure Company is, through the SQS and the Safety in Adventures Trust,

a safety certified operation and a member of the Swiss Outdoor Association



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ArtCreative Design and Custom coding



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